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Welcome! .. I am Jey and this page is to tell people a little bit more about myself.

I founded jEyLaBs in February 2009 and through this company we provide consultancy services to help delivering process driven solutions using K2, Sharepoint, Infopath, .NET and other related Microsoft technologies.

I am a consultant providing IT consultancy services for the last 10 or so years. Previously I worked for K2, Volante/Commander, HP ( and ManageSoft. I have a Bachelor degree in Software Engineering and a Graduate Certificate in Distributed computing.


I walk more on the side of Software consulting/integration/development. I enjoy working with software, Creating and innovating features to empower business users. I constantly dream about new ways to make life more exciting using software. I am very passionate about solving problems

I run a weblog at wordpress
If you want to hire me or to look at my recently updated professional resume please contact me -->here<--

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